Objetivos Gerais


OG1: Company’s range of technologic solutions diversification to answer to specific needs in the bridge construction sector.

OG2: Development of a smart monitoring system to be integrated in the OPS System which extends the span length limit for bridge construction with Movable Scaffolding Systems and Overhead Gantry technologies.

OG3: Provide opportunities for technological development in a still traditional sector, by introducing new monitoring technologies and making available remote information.

OG4: Increase the competitiveness in the bridge construction equipment sector, promoting cooperation between the company and the non-business entity of the R&D system (FEUP/CONSTRUCT)

OG5: Increase bridge construction process efficiency by reducing costs of raw materials and materials as well as construction time.

OG6: Promote and disseminate, among the scientific community, the results of the project through scientific production (articles and theses/ dissertations), participation in conferences and seminars.

OG7: Promote, disseminate and provide economic value to the new intelligent monitoring system.



OTC 1: Research and development of an intelligent monitoring system able to collect signals, values and parameters associated with the bridge construction process, namely the structural condition of the equipment, the changes over time on the concrete modulus of elasticity, equipment response to wind action and equipment’s lifetime taking into account the fatigue analysis and loads transmitted to the bridge elements previously built;

OTC2: Enhance and strengthen the OPS instrumentation solution through the incorporation of a monitoring system that provides improvement to the safety and reliability of the equipment.

OTC3: Optimization of the bridge construction process based on the development of a remote monitoring solution of the variables and phenomena that affect the real on-site bridge construction scenario.

OTC4: Development of a prototype for a system with sensors, signal processing, and remote data system, which allows the acquisition of signals, parameters, and values used for analysis and decision making in the bridge construction process.

OTC5: Development of an information processing unit collected by the acquisition system, which allows the treatment of large volumes of information (data mining) and the storage of information in the cloud (big data).

OTC6: Design and apply an online interface (with remote access) where the information collected by the data acquisition system is made available and processed in the processing/storage system.

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